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Janet Ibru: Property Investment Tips for Beginners

2 Jul
An experienced property investment consultant, Janet Ibru currently serves as executive manager of CASI Global Investments Corporation. When executed properly, property investment represents a safe undertaking with the potential for significant returns. Here is a quick list of tips to help beginning property investors get started.Prepare for the long term: Property investments rarely produce a significant return in the short term. Property values depend greatly on market conditions and prevailing economic trends; consequently, investing in property requires patience and a focus on the long term.

Educate yourself: Property investment is a sophisticated, nuanced field. It is important to seek out a combination of formal education and advice from industry veterans before setting out on your own.

Avoid fixer-uppers at first: For many beginners, fixer-uppers can represent a serious drain on funds and potentially result in considerable losses. Although the idea of renovating a property may seem like an attractive option, you should start out with properties in relatively good shape.


Dubai Property Market Predicted to Soar in 2013

15 Feb

A real estate professional, Janet Ibru serves as Executive Manager at CASI Global Investments Corporation in Dubai. Through her firm, Janet Ibru presents investment opportunities to and manages the investments of international clients.

Some global property experts have predicted that Dubai will enjoy one of the world’s leading real estate markets in 2013. Specifically, it has been projected that there will be an increase in the luxury villa market of between five and 10 percent in Dubai neighborhoods such as Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Hills. Researchers report that the market rise derives from an influx of foreign business professionals from the United Kingdom and Asia.

Significant real estate market gains have also been forecasted for elsewhere in the world, particularly in Moscow and Miami. It has been reported that prime residential property values in more than a dozen international cities will increase approximately 2.5 percent in 2013.