About Janet Ibru

Janet IbruA member of the Board of Directors of TOTAL Nigeria Plc, Janet Ibru also performs professional duties as Executive Manager of CASI Global Investments Corporation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In this role, Janet Ibru works with various clients in the United States, Europe, Africa, and in Dubai to manage real estate investments and identify new business opportunities. Janet Ibru joined CASI Global Investments Corporation in 2004 after receiving her Master’s degree in Marketing and Finance through the Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington.When Janet Ibru started her career, she accepted a position in Lagos, Nigeria, as an Assistant Consultant. She fulfilled audit and verification duties for two years before she became a Commercial Manager, Marketing Manager, and Marketing Consultant for the Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Limited. Initially, she conducted research on several aspects of the firm’s first regional airline route as a Marketing Consultant. In her second role, as Marketing Manager, she staged a marketing campaign for the first new travel route and organized customer relations and ticket sales. Lastly, as the Commercial Manager, Janet Ibru supervised the company’s second commercial route; directed the ticketing staff, airline attendants, and onboard catering requirements; and maintained responsibility for the business’ 40th anniversary celebration.

After four years at Aero, Janet Ibru moved to the United States to accept a position in Virginia, where she lived for the next four years before acquiring her current role at CASI Global Investments Corporation. She has served as Executive Manager for this company since 2004, and she has contributed to the growth of several clients’ real estate ventures.


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