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Janet Ibru: Roedean School Maintains Focus on Fitness

23 Jul
Along with its excellent academic curriculum, Roedean School in Brighton, Great Britain, offers fitness opportunities for student athletes of all levels. The school has provided alumni such as Janet Ibru with opportunities to participate in programs and sports teams that facilitate the development of leadership and teamwork skills as well as athletic prowess. During her time at Roedean, Ms. Ibru, who currently acts as Executive Manager of CASI Global Investments Corporation, participated in several sports including the school and county Netball teams, the school volleyball team as well as the school and county athletic teams. She graduated as the school record holder in Discus and Shot put.

Roedean School approaches fitness in a holistic way, offering everything from Pilates classes to elite sports teams for its all-female student population. The school provides an extensive physical education program and is home to a fitness center, tennis courts, hockey pitches, and an indoor swimming pool.

The most outstanding athletes receive scholarships. Today, the school’s student roster includes a national-record-holding athlete and an athlete who ran with the Olympic torch in the 2012 London Olympics. Roedean introduces students to sports ranging from badminton to horseback riding beginning at year 7, encouraging them to develop all-around physical fitness.


Janet Ibru: Property Investment Tips for Beginners

2 Jul
An experienced property investment consultant, Janet Ibru currently serves as executive manager of CASI Global Investments Corporation. When executed properly, property investment represents a safe undertaking with the potential for significant returns. Here is a quick list of tips to help beginning property investors get started.Prepare for the long term: Property investments rarely produce a significant return in the short term. Property values depend greatly on market conditions and prevailing economic trends; consequently, investing in property requires patience and a focus on the long term.

Educate yourself: Property investment is a sophisticated, nuanced field. It is important to seek out a combination of formal education and advice from industry veterans before setting out on your own.

Avoid fixer-uppers at first: For many beginners, fixer-uppers can represent a serious drain on funds and potentially result in considerable losses. Although the idea of renovating a property may seem like an attractive option, you should start out with properties in relatively good shape.