“Swimming for Health and Fitness,” by Janet O. Ibru

12 Mar

swimmingAlthough swimming is sometimes overlooked as a workout option, the benefits of this activity compared to other forms of fitness recreation are significant. Swimming facilitates improved health and weight control through a unique combination of burning calories, increasing metabolism, and exercising each muscle in the body. Many other workouts, such as jogging and strength training, only focus on specific muscle groups. These workouts can also cause injury or joint stress when performed every day. Swimming routines are effective workouts that offer combined cardio and strength training without adverse effects on the joints. Even a light swim burns approximately 500 calories an hour, while a more strenuous workout reaches almost 700 calories per hour. Studies investigating the benefits of habitual swimming document many age-defying properties. Frequent swimmers are up to 20 years younger than their numerical age in terms of physical functioning, show lower blood pressure and better cardiovascular health, and demonstrate better cognitive functioning than non-swimmers.

If you are considering taking up swimming for fitness, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Beginning swimmers often overestimate their endurance because training on land is significantly different from training in water. Swimming necessitates the entire muscular system working in concert to maintain forward motion, as well as a special way of breathing that comes with practice. Swim routines provide the best workouts when divided into short intervals that contain a variety of strokes and drills. Taking frequent rest breaks will not harm your workout, as your heart rate takes longer to drop after a couple of laps across the pool than it does after walking. The Internet offers a wide variety of swim workouts, but this resource should not entirely replace consultation with a professional trainer or swim coach. Swimming is a safe and healthy workout activity for people of any age or experience level.

Liffey Swim - 2010 Dublin Maritime Festival

Liffey Swim – 2010 Dublin Maritime Festival

About Janet O. Ibru: Ms. Ibru swims for recreation and fitness, and she also enjoys many other personal interests. In her professional life, she serves as Executive Manager at CASI Global Investments Corporation.


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